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Farpoint Convention is almost here! Keep checking our website (www.farpointcon.com), our Facebook Page (Farpoint Convention) and our Twitter feed (@FarpointCon) for the most up to date news! Please “LIKE” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter – thank you!

On the website – the convention schedule was posted on Feb 2nd! Go to the “2014 Schedule” link to check it out. But remember to follow the final schedule you receive at the convention to ensure you catch up on any changes from the last 2 weeks!

The Autographs page of the website has also been updated with information on costs and availability for our guests.

The weather report for the Baltimore, MD area is looking good for the weekend. Friday temperatures during the day will be in the low to mid 40s, with Saturday and Sunday in the mid 30s. Any precipitation during the weekend will be rain. Please be safe traveling, especially our friends from up north.

Don’t forget to attend our Cocktail Party and Opening Ceremonies on Friday at 7pm to start your weekend! Guests from all of our tracks will be attending. There will be a cash bar and food tickets available if you wish to partake of food and/or drink, but these purchases are at your discretion and not necessary to attend the event. Come mix and mingle with fellow convention members, committee, staff and guests.

We are looking forward to welcoming our Fandom family back to Farpoint Convention – travel safe and see you all soon.


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Thursday Highway Update

I’m looking at the Maryland Dept of Transportation Live Traffic camera views on the web as I’m typing this. I-95 is clear between Washington and Baltimore, traffic seems to be moving at just about normal speeds.

The Baltimore Beltway (I-695) looks good too for the thru lanes – the exit lanes and ramps are still a bit slushy, but overall traffic is moving at close to normal speeds there, too.

Dig yourselves out carefully – looks like once you’re able to get to the main roads on Friday/Saturday travel should be almost normal.

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Weather Report

Things are looking fairly good for this weekend, after the amazing snow we had on Friday/Saturday. Even though it’s projected for another snow on Tuesday/Wednesday, it’s nothing like what we just experienced.

Thursday promises to be partly cloudy with a high of 37 degrees. Friday through Sunday is mostly sunny to partly cloudy with temps of the mid to high 30s.

The interstates look pretty good for travel, and should be better by Friday morning, when most of us are traveling to Farpoint. Be safe and careful on the roads and we’ll see you this weekend.

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