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News from the Farpoint front!

1. We have just announced that Laurie Holden from “The Walking Dead” will be coming to Farpoint in her first-ever convention appearance. Laurie joins us as we have to sadly announce that John Billingsley has accepted a play committment and cannot attend as planned. Previously announced celebrity guests Adam Baldwin and Bonita Friedricy are still attending.

2. Autographs – Adam Baldwin will be signing one item per member per day at no charge during the official autograph session. This item must be provided by the member. Adam will also have additional items for sale during the session and at various times throughout the convention.

Laurie Holden and Bonita Friedricy are signing for a fee and will sign either an item provided by the member or an item sold by them at the event. Laurie and Bonita will have table times throughout the weekend for signing and greeting convention members.

3. Volker/McChesney Award Nominations – This award is given annually to recognize service to the fan community. It is named in honor of Beverly Volker and Marion McChesney, two original leaders of the fan community in the Star Trek fan community. This award is given to an individual or a group; past recipients include The Boogie Knights, Marty Gear, Dale Arnold, and the USS Chesapeake. If you know of a deserving individual or group who has made a difference to your fan experience, please drop us a note at trekcontact@comcast.net to tell us why you think they should receive this award. One note: current Farpoint committee members and past winners are not eligible for nomination. Nominations close on 31 December 2010.

4. Program Book ads are available! Contact our editor at progbook@farpointcon.com for rates and information. Ad submission deadline is 31 December 2010.

5. Friday night’s Opening Activities are set! We start with a banquet dinner, open to all members for an additional fee. The cost per member is $45. Seating and social hour begins at 7:00 pm with dinner at 8:00 pm. As many of our guests as we can get to Maryland on time will be attending the banquet as well. Open to all convention members after dinner is the presentation of the Volker/McChesney award, a short Charity Auction and a live performance by Prometheus Radio Theatre.

6. More banquet – this year’s theme is Sherlock Holmes! Come dressed as your favorite Holmes character – we expect to see many variations on the different versions of Sherlock over the years! Prizes are awarded for best costumes. One note: costumes are encouraged but not mandatory for attending the banquet. The banquet menu will be announced in January; members who have already purchased tickets will be contacted at that time to make their entree choices. Tickets are still on sale – if you have already purchased a convention membership, contact us at trekcontact@comcast.net to arrange to add on banquet tickets. Banquet tickets WILL NOT be available at the door.

7. Upcoming deadlines:

Program book submissions – 31 December 2010
Volker/McChesney Award nominations – 31 December 2010
Hotel room reservations – 15 January 2011
Convention pre-registration – 31 January 2011


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October 27th
I have just finished sorting the mail and found a rather interesting invitation.  We have been invited to attend a Banquet at the Crowne Plaza on February 18th.  What caught my interest was a slip of paper that fell from the invitation.  Obviously the host “accidentally” included a list of some of the other invited guests.  Some of the names were familiar…St.Simon, Wilson, the Duchess of Holdernesse, Baskerville, Porlock, Milverton, Wilson, Lestrade, Forrester, and “that woman”.  I did not see Moriarty listed but it would not surprise me if he made an appearance.  Very interesting…
Since I know your fondness for these types of public gatherings I have taken the liberty of making arrangements for travel and lodging.  Your love of details requires me to inform you that seating begins at 7:00 pm, with dinner served at 8:00 pm.  There are other activities planned for the evening including an auction, a performance from Prometheus Radio Theatre, and something called “karaoke” at Vic’s Place.  I could not find a reference to this “karaoke” in any of my journals but will try to learn more about this before we arrive.
Mrs. Hudson will be packing your best evening wear and other neccessities.  We both should look our best since we will be among such a prestigious gathering of old friends and new…and maybe a few that do not favor our attendance.  One can only hope.
Your loyal friend,
John H. Watson 

Farpoint’s 2011 Banquet Theme is  SHERLOCK HOLMES http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherlock_Holmes

The 2011 Menu will be announced when set.

Prices: Adults: $45.00 adult over 12, $20 child under 12, PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY

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Farpoint attendees dine in the Whedonverse. Hop aboard your Firefly-class freighter, hang a left at the Hellmouth and join us is the Dulaney Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza (a subsidiary of Wolfram and Hart). Dust off your old browncoat, your new lab coat and goggles, grab a few stakes and come in for a treatment of Farpoint hospitality. Seating begins at 7:00 p.m., with dinner served at 8:00 p.m., assuming the apocalypse holds off that long. Following the meal, our resident Vampire Count Vlad will be auctioning off some nifty shit to benefit our charities. How would Joss say Nifty Shit? He’d say Nifty Shit. But that doesn’t sound Joss-ish enough. We need to sound MORE Joss-ish than Joss. He doesn’t sound Joss-ish at all most days. Dr. Horrible’s own Penny (Felicia Day) and her friend Lee Arenberg will join Prometheus Radio Theatre for live entertainment. And then Vic’s Place will present some demon karaoke to round out the evening.

Deadline to register for the banquet (and the convention) is January 31, 2010 and you can do that through the Farpoint website. The Charity Auction, Prometheus Radio Theatre’s presentation and Vic’s Place are following the banquet and open to ALL Farpoint attendees.

Please feel free to contact either or both of us at rdwilson1967@verizon.net of cindybelle@msn.com if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!
-Renee Wilson and Cindy Shockey, Banquet Co-Chairs

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Banquet Announcement

The pleasure of your company is requested at the Yule Ball, where students, Professors, Witches, Wizards, and friends of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will dine and socialize with guests from Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and the Muggle regions to celebrate Farpoint!

 The Yule Ball will be held on Friday, February 15, 2008 at 7:30 PM in the Main Ballroom. Menu choices include chicken, beef, seafood, and vegetarian entrees.  Special dietary entrees can also be arranged.  Tickets are still available at a cost of $40.00 for adults and $20.00 for children.  Please send check or money order to Farpoint Enterprises Inc., 11708 Troy Court, Waldorf, MD 20601) by .  You may also send PayPal payments to FarpointEnt@comcast.net.  Tickets will only be available through January 31, 2008.

Muggles, Magical Creatures, and Wizards will unite for a truly enchanted evening.  Dress robes are recommended, as this is a Yule Ball, after all!  Please note that wands must be checked at the Wand Check station.

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